Thank you to all our sponsors! This wouldn't be possible without all the generous donations and support.

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We would like to extend a special thanks to our long-time dogfood sponsor Redpaw. We fed Redpaw long before they became our sponsor because we believe it is the best dogfood available on the market. It is made by people with decades of experience formulating food with the best nutritional value for our team, and we know they do not cut corners anywhere -especially ingredients. And the results show for themselves.  Iditarod champion Lance Mackey is feeding his team Redpaw, as is Buddy Streeper, who's been virtually unbeatable in sprint and stage racing over the last several years.


Lupine Lights are regarded as the 'gold standard' in the biking industry.  German-made, they have recently been adopted into the northern European mushing community receiving rave reviews.  I purchased one of my own and can't believe how 'in the dark' I've been about headlights for years not owning one of these lights.  They make my old lights look like a bargain-bin flashlight and rival the candlepower of the high beams on my diesel truck- and they're rechargeable!!  Lupine Lighting Systems, North America serves as North America's Lupine Dealer offering excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

ACE Air Cargo

ACE offers scheduled cargo flights, passenger and cargo charters, small package service and logistics.  ACE also serves many Alaskan communities with daily air cargo scheduled flights to and from Anchorage to several Western Alaska locations:

For further information regarding ACE Air Cargo, please contact Steve Melchert, Director of Cargo, at 907.334.5129 or call toll-free 1.888.722.0232 in Anchorage.


We also would like to thank Queo media from Dresden, Germany and Fairbanks, AK for sponsoring Kenand his team. Queo is a German cross-media company with ambitions in North America.  Thanks Queo!!