The Tolovana 300 will be open to all participants 18 years and older.  Any drivers censured from any other races will be denied entry.  Entries will be accepted until midnight Friday, Dec. 2nd 2016.  Late entries will be accepted until Race day.  The entry fee will be $400 (up to midnight Friday, Dec 2nd 2016), with a late entry fee of $500.  All entries are non-refundable.  Drivers must submit entry fee and completed entry form to be an official entry. Entries will be accepted on a first come-first served basis.  Teams signing up after the first 20 spots are filled will be put on a waiting list.  In the event of a weather cancellation of the race, entry fees will be refunded less a $25 administrative fee.  Entry fees can be paid via the link on our website at  Entry fees can also be mailed in the form of a money order or cashier’s check written to Tolovana 300 Sled Dog Race to the address below. Entry forms can be emailed to or mailed to:

Tolovana 300

c/o Ken Anderson

3875 Geist Rd Suite E-326

Fairbanks, AK 99709.  


Drivers Meeting:
The drivers meeting will be held at Hilltop Truckstop at 8a.m on December 17th, 2016. 
Attendance is mandatory.

Race Cancellation:
The race may be canceled or postponed if the temperature is -40 or colder in Manley Hot Springs the morning of the race.

Vet Check:
Vet Check begins at 10:00a.m.  Dogs will be checked for health and fitness.  Dogs considered unfit will not be permitted to start the race.  There will be a mandatory vet check at Eureka as well as the second layover at Tolovana Roadhouse.  A vet will be on staff at the first Tolovana Roadhouse layover for consultations if needed.  The decision of the Race Marshal in conjunction with the race veterinarian concerning fitness shall be final.  Drivers will be responsible for any and all veterinarian fees incurred should a dog need to be sent to town for emergency care.

Mandatory Gear:

  • Snowshoes—250 sq. in. minimum
  • Cold weather sleeping bag
  • Axe---22” minimum length
  • Cooker with 3 gal. Capacity
  • Booties---8 per dog leaving checkpoints
  • Two snowhooks
  • Two working headlamps
  • Dog food; Adequate for 48 hours and a150- mile run.
  • A 16-18 inch cable neckline for each dog dropped
  • Windproof Matches

Fuel will not be supplied but may be shipped in clearly marked containers to the food drop at Eureka.  Mandatory gear will be checked at the start, finish, and all checkpoints.  Race officials must be satisfied that each team carries enough dogfood to finish the event.  The decision of the officials shall be final on this issue.

Preparation & ability:

Mushers must be prepared for extreme conditions. Drivers who are not prepared or do not demonstrate ability to care for themselves or his or her dogs will not be permitted to race or may be withdrawn during the race at the discretion of the race judges.  Prepare to camp at the majority of your rest stops.  Although there may be musher food at the checkpoints, do not count on there being so.  Teams will be supplied with 1 bale of straw at Tolovana Roadhouse and 1 bale at Eureka.

This will be a timed start event.  The start will be at the Cul-de-sac at the end of Old Murphy Dome Road (further referred to as “OMD”), on the Elliot Highway side, at two minute intervals beginning at 12:30 pm. On December 17th, 2016  

Trail Etiquette:
The trail must be kept clear at all times.  Teams resting or snacking must leave adequate room for passing teams.  Overtaking teams have the immediate right-of-way.  Overtaken teams shall assist in passing if requested. Mushers must follow the marked trail and may not leave it to gain a competitive advantage. If a musher leaves the marked trail for a competitive advantage, he or she will be considered withdrawn from the race.

There will be a one hour time penalty for littering that will be added at the finish line

All dogs must have current rabies vaccinations. 

12-dog limit- 9 dog minimum to start; teams must finish with a minimum of seven dogs either in the sled or on the towline.  Dogs may not run loose or be led behind the sled.  Dogs carried in the sled must be secured.

Inhumane or abusive treatment of dogs will result in disqualification.  

The same dogs must be used throughout the race.

A dog death for any reason other than as vehicular accident or moose incident will precipitate withdrawal from the race.

Expired dogs must be immediately submitted to the Tolovana 300 Organization at the nearest checkpoint.  A necropsy will be performed at the driver’s expense.

No product that masks signs of injury will be permitted.  No injectables.  The drug policies of the Iditarod will be followed.

One sled equipped with an adequate brush bow and braking device is to be used throughout the race.  Repairs are to be done by the driver.  Help from other participants is allowed.  Sled, gear, and all equipment should be in good working order at the beginning of the race.

No planned outside assistance.  Drivers may receive help in recovering a lost team.  Any means of recovering a lost team is permissible.  Handlers may be at checkpoints but will not be permitted to help in any way other than helping to park their team and watch their driver’s team while the driver is resting.  Handlers may also recover leftover food drop supplies as well as any dropped dogs.  Time penalties may accrue if it is determined by the Race Marshal that an advantage was achieved.

Food Drop:
There will be one food drop at the halfway point at Eureka.  Drivers are expected to be self-sufficient.  Carry adequate food. 

Dog Drops:
Dogs may be dropped at Tolovana Roadhouse on the way out and back as well as in Eureka.


Tolovana Roadhouse (out and back), and Eureka (exact site TBD)

The Tolovana 300 trail will cover a variety of trail conditions from hilly to flat terrains.  Much of the trail will be open and exposed.  Be prepared for wind, blowing and drifting snow, and extreme cold temperatures.  Due to the length between checkpoints drivers must be self-sufficient and prepared to camp as needed.

The first leg shall be:

Start to Tolovana Roadhouse.  We will follow the firebreak on the north side of OMD passing over the top of Murphy Dome, down to the Dunbar-Livengood trail, across the Minto Flats to the old Indian cemetery on Goldstream Creek then on to Old Minto and on to Tolovana Roadhouse. Approximately 80 miles.

Second leg:

Tolovana Roadhouse to Eureka and return to Tolovana Roadhouse.  This section of trail will follow the main trail taken during the Iditarod across Deadman Lake heading towards Manley before turning towards Eureka. We will return to Tolovana on the same trail.  Roughly 125 total miles

Final leg:

Tolovana Roadhouse to OMD.  This leg will return on the same leg as the first leg.  Approximately 80 miles. 

Trail and re-start times may vary due to snow and weather conditions in late December. 

There will be no mandatory layovers per-se.  There will be a re-start at Tolovana Roadhouse at noon on Sunday (23.5 hours from the start).  Any teams not willing or able to re-start by 1:00pm on Sunday will be withdrawn.  There will be a second re-start at Tolovana Roadhouse at 11:59 p.m. on Monday (36 hours after the first re-start).  Any teams not willing or able to restart this layover by 1a.m. on Tuesday will be automatically withdrawn.  In essence, the final leg will be the only “race” per-se. 

Time Equalization:
There will be no time equalization (exact re-starting procedure to be determined)

OMD cul-de-sac 1st team across—dogs and driver.


There will be no restrictions on electronics.  Teams may be required to carry a Tracker.

Penalties may be both time and monetary.  Any penalty will be assigned at the finish line. 

Race Officials, Scratches, Protests:

The Race Marshal is in charge of all aspects of the race from the time of entry until the awards presentation.  Decisions of the Race Marshal and judges will be considered final.  The Race Veterinarian has the final say on dog issues.  Drivers may protest decisions made by race officials and/or report rules violations in writing to the race marshal at any time up to awards presentation.  Drivers will have the opportunity to personally discuss claims or violations with the race marshal.  Drivers wishing to scratch must notify a race official at the nearest checkpoint.

Sportsmanship is paramount.  Drivers and handlers are expected to be courteous at all times.  Conduct yourself accordingly.

These rules are intended to guide drivers, race officials and the Race Marshall throughout the running of the Tolovana 300.  The Race Marshal has the right to make non-rule, on the spot decisions regarding all aspects of the race that are deemed in the best interests of the race and its participants.