Race Details

-Old Murphy Dome Road to Eureka via the Minto Flats and Tolovana- Roadhouse and back-

-Race Begins December 17th-

-Iditarod Qualifier-

-12 dog limit-

-20- team limit-


-Applications Close December 10th-

This race is intended to be a relaxed but challenging event that prepares rookies for the rigors of 1000-mile racing while serving as a testing ground for more competitive drivers. There will unlikely be a purse and only possibly some prizes. Thus, the emphasis will not be on the race itself but the experience of properly managing a dog team for 300+ miles. With a unique resting format, teams should be encouraged and enabled to run and rest in a manner that best suits their dogs, rather than just pushing to a checkpoint and satisfying a mandatory rest. With ample rest built in, it is the goal of the race organization for rookie drivers to have more time to spend alongside more veteran drivers, further enhancing their learning experience. For those more in tune to the racing aspect, this format will introduce a higher level of strategy and planning than traditional middle-distance events, closer mimicking the structure of a 1000-mile event.


If you have any questions about the race or registration please email at ken@windycreekkennel.com or call at 907 378-4231


                     Tolovana Roadhouse  

                     Tolovana Roadhouse


           HIlltop Truckstop / Sourdough Fuel

           HIlltop Truckstop / Sourdough Fuel