With over 41 years of dog sledding experience, 16 Iditarod finishes and 5 quest finishes, Ken Anderson is one of the greats in the dog sledding world. Depending on what you are looking for, if its a week dog sledding lesson to get your feet wet or taking you all the way to completing the Iditarod, you can find it at Windy Creek Kennel. 

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Week Package

This is a great test for anyone out there that wants to learn more about the dog sledding and potential wants to do the Iditarod in the future. Over the week you will

  • Meet the dogs and learn about how to care of them in the yard and on the trail.
  • Shown the basics on driving your sled while behind a snow machine.
  • To finally taking a team of 6 to 8 dogs out in the trails.

Note: Everything we do over the week in Alaska depends on the weather and clients skill 

Please call for availability 907 378-4231



Iditarod is the last great race and has that name for a reason. Clients wanting to attempt this once in a lifetime challenge will need to dedicate 8 months over two years period and posses a natural talent for mushing. Over the 8 months you will complete at least three qualifying races around Alaska and will need to hit certain Windy Creek Kennel milestones to continue with training. If you are interested in this training it is required that you take the week training first to ensure you are the right fit. 

Please call for availability 907 378-4231 


Other Training

If you are currently a experience musher from out of country and are interested in completing some races Windy Creek Kennel can assist in a few ways. We can offer

  • Housing for you and your dogs while in the area.
  • Rental dogs.
  • Tours of the near by trails.

Please call for availability 907 378-4231