It's been a very enjoyable spring......

We've been enjoying a relatively laid-back spring this year.  I forewent the Kobuk 440 for a fantastic snowmachine trip with my dad and brothers.  We've had an extremely mild season with high temps and little precipitation.  Mud season came and went fast.  The ice is off the Chena River and we've already been out in the boat. 

I've been pecking away at projects I wanted to finish up before we head off to Iceland - like finishing our Chena cabin and prepping it for this year's Airbnb guests, straightening out the dog yard, searching for new renters, tinkering in my man-cave with boat projects, and working deals with potential leasers/clients for next year's race season.  I do plan to race Iditarod again next year but I'm working deals for races pre-Iditarod.

The kids have been enjoying school and are looking forward to our trip to Iceland and spending lots of time on the water once we return in July.  Gwen has been a bit busiier than I - getting ready for the Iceland trip, trying to wrap up work details and a couple Master's classes she's taking, as well as dealing with her Fulbright project.  I don't know how she does it.......

The dogs have been enjoying the lazy days with loose romps around the kennel.  We are doing two breedings this year and we already got our first litter of pups from Jenna - a young star from my leader Regret and Jake Berkowitz's Solomon.  She had four boys and one girl.  We also bred Hannah and Top who were probably my two best leaders in Iditarod.

Gwen left for Iceland a few days ago and is getting a head start on things before I show up with the rugrats.  We rented part of a house that sits just off the ocean with a soccer field in front of it.  Gwen says it's relatively quiet and the view is impressive.  The kids and I will be spending lots of time exploring the countryside, journaling, biking and visiting as many hot springs and pools as possible.  We'll probably be weekend warriors while Gwen is at work but plan to spend the last two weeks traveling the island.  I'll miss the dogs, Alaska, and my man cave, but I'm looking forward to a really special adventure with the family.